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I guess I'm getting old... I love getting new pedals, but don't seem to have the energy to post NPD threads as much as I used to. Well, I'm hanging out as Hurricane Sandy does her thing (not too bad yet where I'm at), drinking, and my work is shut down for tomorrow... so here ya go...

First up, Montgomery Appliances MkII Professional. I've had many "conversations" w/ Dave in the DIY sense of things and found him to be super helpful so when he ran a deal on his pedals not too long ago, I jumped on it. This is a well built, awesome sounding fuzz. Very articulate. Gets pretty crazy, but stops short of going crazy. I was playing the Heartbreaker riff in the practice space and someone knocked to say, "Cool sound, man".

Maybe I posted this already. Not sure. VMSD. Got one a while ago and flipped it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so I got another one. As a self-professed Delay junky, this is such a great one! I love the versatility, but I mainly use the tape setting. It's not as great as the El Cap or the Skrecho, but I pretty much always have the Skrecho on my board and then swap out my second delays and the VMSD is a great compliment.

So this was a "I'm kinda drunk let's make an impulsive purchase" purchase. Malekko 616 v2. For the money and size, this is hands down one of the best delays out there, IMO. As previously stated, I have a delay problem. I own a big box DMM, El Cap, DMMTT, Skrecho, VMSD, and some others. The 616 sounds awesome w/ the modulation and is an overall awesome delay. Some of the modulated settings are way too over the top for me, but I'm really happy w/ the sounds I can get out of it. If I had to throw together a super quick small board, I'd have no reservations taking this with me.

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