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Aaron SS

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I've back to the highly addictive game of trading pedals and here's the consolidated take for the last week or so. Complete with half-assed reviews of each for your viewing displeasure. ;)








Swollen Pickle MK II - Another muff-ish pedal to satisfy my recent desire to 'catch em all' muff style. I've got an NYC, 2 green Russians on loan of comparison purposes, a bunch of clones I built, and I'll probably pick up a black Russian soon. Not the first time I've owned this one but it'll certainly be the last because this one's here to stay. JT/Dunlop did a killer job with the re-releases of these from a quality standpoint. I can't really speak on how true they stayed to the originals because I never owned any of them but this sounds killer. Tonally it's exceptional as well - huge array of muff (and not so muff'ish) tones. I tend to use settings similar to those in the picture.


Sinister Analog Soul Provider - Completely under the radar for me as I'd never heard of it when I was offered it in trade but I believe it's one of Brad's (Mojo Hand) early companies/designs. Not completely sure though. This thing is a one trick pony for glitched out octave sounds. I've been using it with octave track 1 all the way down, octave track 2 all the way up, and gate and volume adjusted to taste. That results in a pretty heavily gated synth fuzz tone that I like for single note stuff. Probably not the most creative usage of it but I liked it quite a bit. Solid build quality throughout - no complaints there.


Bomes Octa Tron - Another pedal that was completely under the radar to me but a prime example of why I'm always interested in trying new pedals I've never heard of. Great fuzz with a slew of options including octave, starve, and feedback. At it's core is basically a fuzz face and octavia but with the extra toggles, knobs, and switches you can basically set it up 2 have 3 fuzz sounds in one pedal. First being the basic fuzz face sound, second you can add the octave and change the gain range, and third you can add the starve, feed, or both. I set the fuzz face to lower gain, had gain 2 higher gain + octave, and made the third switch engage all functions for pure insanity in the form of fuzz. Great sounds, great build quality, and I dig the look. One thing I would change however is the learning curve of all of the toggle switches. They're simple in theory and practice but the 4-5 page manual seems to dance around the point and the graphics on the pedal themselves don't really clue you in all that much either.


Philosophers Rock - I'll keep this one short - I've found nothing that can top the Carl Martin Compressor. Great little compressor and the grit gain stage is nice but it simply isn't as good as the Carl Martin IMO but few are. Next in line I'd say is the Barber Tone Press but as I said before I'll continue to try new pedals just to see.


Aquapuss MK II - Saved this one for last because it's kind've a two part opinion. Stock it includes all of the great quality features that I mentioned about the SP and a great short delay sound that seems to be on the brighter side of things. Problem is, the delay time tops out at 300ms which is simply too short for my needs. In it's stock form it would never see my pedalboard based on available delay time alone. Fast forward to today and the picture below




Double delay time mod completed.


I use Harold Sabro's layout for the 'double delay mod' for the AP II that does as it says and doubles the available delay time and I couldn't be happier. I vero'd it up and ran the wires to a socket that I then inserted into the existing socket making the mod both easy to install and easy to remove returning the pedal to stock if need be. It took maybe 45 minutes to an hour start to finish and made a delay pedal that will certainly make my board. I may do his modulation add on as well but it's not a priority. For now I'm thinking dirt section > Modded AP MK II > Eterna (when it arrives) could be pretty killer.

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The Green Rhino is excellent. I clipped the clipping diodes out of mine though.

The midded AP2 is killer looking. Any chance of clips? What's the max delay time with the daughterboard added? Did you use 3205s or 3005s?



No doubt. Just like the Swollen Pickle, I also had a Green Rhino that I foolishly got rid of.


A guy on ILF just asked about the delay time so I'm going to compare it to the LCD readout of a delay on my Axe FX so I can see exactly how much I'm getting. I went with 3205's because I wasn't going to pay a ton for real deals or risk cheaper fakes. I'm not fussed by it tbh.


Edit - 600ms for sure

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