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NGD! - Birthday Edition

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I have been working on selling a few things around my studio that I don't use much nowadays and have built up a bit of cash from the proceeds to buy a few guitars that I have been lusting after for quite some time.

I've been looking for the right Tele Deluxe for a few months now, and this one just fell out of the sky. I've seen some Tele Deluxes from the 70's going for much much more than the one I picked up, but I think I got a great player out of the deal. I'm very happy with it so far. It's not in perfect condition, for sure. Cool thing is, this one's the same age as me. First time I've owned a guitar from my birth year.

Here's some quick {censored}typics!


The bridge has been changed, It looks like it was refinned, and it's definitely been refretted. It's got a nice played in feel, and with the exception of the switch, all of the electronics appear to be original. But it plays great!

I've plugged it in through my rig, and am getting used to how the WRH's work with my setup. It's my first guitar with them, and I am very used to Gibson humbuckers. These are totally different beasts. Happy Birthday to meee!

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