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Mr Black Eterna & Supermoon - a tale of reverb


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I've had the Supermoon for a while, and tried out the Eterna today.

Even after reading the instructions online it wasn't really clear what the differences where, here are my impressions:

The Reverb- It just sounds good! A+ I really enjoy it.
Decay - Past 2 or 3 o'clock is where things get nuts and send you out into space. The experimentation rage is in this area and beyond.
Sway - dials in a nice subtle amount to a saturated amount.

Overall I've been very happy with the Supermoon. I would call it a really good reverb that enters into whacky territory with the decay and sway at high settings. Some of the sway effect seems lost with heavy fuzz/distortion.

Mix - It does what you think, with no reverb at full CCW and and going to 100% wet at full CW where it sure enters a fun experimental territory. You do notice the latency at this level but considering what this type of sound would be used for it shouldn't be too big of an issue.

Decay - I'd say this has a similar feel as on the Supermoon, see above for thoughts.

Shimmer - Whoa. This adds that heavenly feel to the reverb. You are now at the pearly gates when engaged. When this and decay are at high levels with distortion/fuzz you can really create some interesting experiment/ambient sounds.

In short the Supermoon is a more traditional reverb, with modulation and decay and get very experiemental. The Eterna has the 100% wet option, shimmer (aaaahhhhh) and a similar decay feel - this is the more 'out there' of the two.

Thumbs up for both, fun stuff. Interesting to think that 2/3 pedals in a new brand name would be reverbs, but they both have their place and are very different.

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