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If you are Famous


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I'm as famous as I've ever cared to be. :idk: I've never really wanted to be "famous", although earning the respect of my peers is something I've always valued. YMMV.


I have actually run into some very famous people on HC (and other forums) over the years. Many choose to post incognito, which I can understand to a degree. They risk being hassled and/or harassed if they don't. I can't say I like that, but OTOH, I try to err on the side of letting everyone express their POV. Just because you're famous, you shouldn't expect that I'm going to try to make everyone pucker up and smooch your tush. ;) OTOH, everyone deserves civility and a polite forum environment, and I try not to let people unfairly attack others just because they're famous either. In spite of that, most of you will probably never spot most of the "famous" people here. It's not like there are tons of them, but there are some.


It depends too, on who you consider to be "famous."

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I have actually run into some
famous people on HC (and other forums) over the years.



How famous?????!!?!?!?! We need names.


Don't name the actual people if they've asked you not to, but name someone who is equally famous so we have some idea. Like; "Someone about as famous as Bob Dylan posts on here." or "Someone who is as well known in country music circles as David Attenborough is well known in animal documentary circles once asked to get subs banned."

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How about this? I've seen multi-platinum selling artists, producers, and engineers, along with world-class studio and touring musicians post on HC. But I've also seen many journeymen / journeywomen musicians who earn their living in the music industry in some way or another who post here, or who put their all into music with every spare moment and dollar they can out together, all because they love it - heck, in this climate, I have just as much appreciation and respect for the people who can pull that off as I do for the legends and stars.


Fame isn't what's important. IMO, It's all about who people are as people. You don't need to know if someone is famous or not in order to tell if they're a jerk - or a good human.

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