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Favourite Music Doco/Concert Films?

The Lou-Dog

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Under Great White Northern Lights - White Stripes touring Canada




It Might Get Loud - Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White talking about themselves and having a jam




Which one's Pink? - great BBC documentary on Pink Floyd from their start up until the final Live 8 gig




The Filth and the Fury - history of the Sex Pistols told by the band




When You're Strange - history of the Doors narrated by Johnny Depp for some reason




Live! Tonight! Sold Out! - Nrivana live and with interviews etc. in-between



Moog - nice documentary about the late Bob Moog



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Lots of good ones mentioned.
As for me Jim Jarmusch's "Year of the Horse" is excellent, since I'm a HUGE Neil Young fan.
Rarely screened, but legendary for a reason, Robert Frank's "Cocksucker Blues" about the Stones' '72 tour of America. You rarely see or hear the music, but OH you get to see what happened backstage and in the hotels.
"Gimme Shelter" about the '69 tour and Altamont was another that sticks in my mind. Weird vibe to it, as you can imagine.
Oh, yes: "This is Spinal Tap."

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A particular favourite of mine is an old Pat Metheny VHS called More Travels, which has some really great performances and other footage from the late '80s. I have a copy, and a DVD copy of that, but I'm hoping it might be remastered and rereleased on DVD eventually...

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