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NGD: Moffa Maryan (my dream jazz guitar)


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Not sure this is HCFX's bag, but thought I'd share it anyway:

Last week I collected my dream guitar, a Moffa Maryan archtop. Moffa is a one-man builder in Pescara, Italy. He has built guitars for great players like Kurt Rosenwinkel, Wolfgang Muthspiel and Hilmar Jensson.

I am totally happy with this guitar! (severe understatement). It is by some considerable distance the best instrument I have ever played. I was able to spend some time watching Nico at work and I can say that the finished instruments reflect his stunning craftsmanship.

I got in the queue in January 2011, so it took some time but was worth the wait! I always wanted to have one great instrument and decided to take the plunge for my 30th.

Hopefully these photos won't come up too big.

'Bear claw' spruce top. X braced. Hand-applied violin varnish finish.

Unreal maple back. The back is sprayed with one final coat of nitro for extra durability.

Floating humbucker with volume and tone controls. Oil-in-paper capacitors.

Satin finish on the neck. Compensated radius. Asymmetrical neck carve.

The headstock is designed to even out tension between the wound and unwound strings.

Bindings protude violin-style.

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