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READ THE RULES OR GET BANNED - Weekly spam thread 11-27-12

Phil O'Keefe

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Way Huge Red Llama like new in box with all the papers/buttons etc.Great low-med/high gain with sick output to slam your amp's front end. used about a half hour $85 shipped &paypal'd

WIIO #97 of the first run of 100. Amazing Hiwatt tones and amp crushing output with box and papers $110 shipped and paypal'd

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Paypal preferred, prices include ConUS shipping, anywhere else will require some extra cash. Thanks for looking. Most have manuals and original power supplies.

Not interested in trades, prices are firm.

-Boss PH-3 phaser
-Digitech Bass Driver distortion
-Boss CH-1 chorus
-Boss GE-7 equalizer
-Road Rage 2-loop TB loop
-Marshall GV-2 Guv'nor Plus distortion
-EH Memory Toy delay
-BBE Soul Vibe (paint is gone but everything works perfectly)
-Tech 21 Bass XXL distortion (paint is fading and battery cover is missing but everything works perfectly)

-Boss PQ-4 parametric equalizer
-EH Worm XO multi-effect
-MXR Doubleshot Distortion
-T. Jauernig Parallel Dementia blend loop

-Digitech EX-7 Expression Factory
-Digitech XP-200 Modulator
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I'm looking for: mics (audix i5, e609, e906, shure sm7b, rode NT1-A/NTK/NT2, other recording mics), Baron Amps, EVH 5150 III mini or 100w, Pedaltrain I/JR boards, preamps (daking mic pre one, ua 610 solo, p-solo, ISA-1)

FS/FT (prefer trade + cash from you on trade deals, need to add a little cash to the coffers, does not included pp or shipping unless otherwise noted):

Kafel S150: near mint/mint, comes with original footswitch and slipcover, awesome vintage Marshall tones, massive in house hand wound transformers $700 shipped pp gift - huge price drop, need this gone
Laney TT50H: near mint/mint, comes with original footswitch, 3 channels, reverb. $650 shipped pp gift
Laney VC50 2X12: excellent condition, footswitch, stock, 50 watt version of the flagship VH100R. $600 shipped pp gift or $500 local to MN/WI
Mesa 2X12: excellent condition, still has hang tag, handmade V30 clones, wired for 4 ohms. $400 local to MN/WI

USA US Masters Blackhawk (explorer): near mint/mint, hand made in Madison, WI, single bridge HB (SD JB), awesome player and made by the owner as a personal guitar. $800 shipped pp gift
USA Jackson KE2: has a pro body/neck repair that is solid and can't be felt while playing, awesome tone and looks good (hard to tell it's been broken, has a beat up case. $700 shipped pp gift
Danny Hines Telemaster: near mint/mint, light relic, nitro, swamp ash body, soft v maple neck, klein pickups (fatman bridge, limited neck). $1050 shipped pp gift
Washburn RX50: near mint/mint, stock. $200 shipped pp gift

Humphrey Audio Badder Monkey: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $60 shipped pp gift
vintage 70's Ross Phaser: excellent condition despite age, orange box. $100 shipped pp gift
Ibanez AD9 analog delay: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $110 shipped pp gift
BBE Sonic Stomp: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $60 shipped pp gift

Rio Grandes HB set: original no name ones, came out of a Motorave guitar I got on the forum, 2 conductor braided wiring, lots of lead left, creme, neck 7.89/bridge 8.4. $110 shipped pp gift
US Masters V2 bridge HB: came out of a USA made US Masters Blackhawk, chrome, 2 conductor braided wiring. $25 shipped pp gift

Full band IEM setup: 1 Audio Technica M2 M-band transmitter, 4 M2R bodypacks, 4 pairs of EP3 earbuds, 1 metal carrying case. $1,200 + pp/insurance/shipping. A quality IEM system for around $300 a person. No trades on this as it's not all my gear and we're looking to upgrade.

Jamhub Bedroom: excellent condition, used for about 6 months, comes with everything a new one comes with, everything besides the actual unit and power supply have been used, all other things are still new/never used. $225 shipped/ppl'd CONUS

BNIB Shure SM58s: new, I have 4, I bought these for backup singing but before we could even gig them we decided to go with Sennheisers so these are new in box and unused. $85 shipped/pp gift CONUS each
BNIB OSP 12 mic ATA case: new in box, awesome looking case but we I have another case I prefer. $50 local or + shipping/pp

Will sell the mics and the case for $375 shipped/pp gift CONUS or add 3%.

RS Guitarworks Modern Strat wiring upgrade kit new/uninstalled SOLD
RS Guitarworks caps (0.022 uf and 0.015 uf) SOLD

I have pics of all, please inquire for details.


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MJM China Fuzz - Custom Build with footswitchable mode. Awesome Superfuzz clone, very well-built, massive sound. - $120
Fulltone OCD v4 - Very Clean, No Velcro, etc. You know the drill, Absolutely excellent OD. - $100
Devi Ever US - Original Handpainted version. Huge amount of volume and gain on tap. - $60

All prices paypal'd and shipped to US.


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FS: Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker set - $100 shipped CONUS

I've got a spare Hot Rodded Humbucker set in black, and I'm trying to raise some cash before the holidays. Both pickups are in great shape, work just fine and have plenty of lead left. Don't have any pictures at the moment, but I'll do my best to grab some tonight. I'd consider trading for a Barber Tone Press or a good quality 12" speaker, but cash is king, and offers are always welcome. smile.gif

1973 Fender Precision Bass - $2000

Fantastic condition, all original with original case, pickup cover and bridge cover. Burst/tort with a maple fretboard and, if I recall correctly, a B-width neck. No pictures at present, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw it up now. I'll grab some pretty photos as soon as I can.
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earthquaker devices ghost disaster. ghost echo reverb and disaster transport delay in one. rad. box.

creepyfingers doomidrive. faithful reproduction of the vintage Univox Uni-Drive circuit with some modern advancements. about halfway between a silicon treble booster and a colorsound overdriver. loves bassy amps. loud as {censored}. no box.

boss rv-3 reverb. no box.

boss rv-2 reverb. no box.

d*a*m sonic titan clone. made by a forumite, though i don't remember who made it. photo shows missing knob; knob included. no box.

malekko spring chicken. OG, non-dwell mod pink version. box.

malekko ekko 600. dark version. box.

CASH: Which is king. Open to sensible offers on all pedals.
PEDALS: Including and mostly limited to: Strymon Flint; Jack Deville Dark Echo; Analogman ARDX20.

Send a PM, or email forsciencesc@gmail.com, please.
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hard to read, but here goes:

Zvex SHO + DAM Meathead clones, 2-in-1 pedal built by Aaron from ARC effects
Soviet green box EHX Small Stone phaser
EHX Small Clone chorus
Mid-fi demo tape fuzz
Retrosonic Delay
Blackout Effectors Musket (red rifles version, but modded by BE to v2 specs)
Vintage 70s Phase 45
Mojo One Ton Bee fuzz
Mooer Ensemble King
Blakemore Effects Custom Shop Rat, with clean blend knob, ruetz mod, and selectable turbo-rat diodes

PM if interested. Shipping from canada, we can talk price

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Vintage DOD DFX5 Digital Turbo Distortion eek.gifeek.gifeek.gif


honestly, when i first got this thing i was like "there is no way this thing doesnt sound like trent reznor {censored}ting his ass inside out after eating rotten indian food from the future". however, its awesome. goes from wooly low gain overdrive to thick and meaty fuzz like distortion. BUT THATS NOT ALL. its got this crazy slapback delay circuit that adds a really cool dimension to the sound. great for fuzzy leads and stuff. its a cool pedal and i would really like to keep it so i can have that sound in my arsenal, but i need to offset the cost of a usb interface.

works perfectly, doesnt have battery drawer, but in good condition for its age.

that said, i want to trade this for a simple usb interface. something like an m-audio fast track or similar. i just need something i can interface with my laptop to record demos cuz my band is doing all this new {censored} and i gotta record demos or my idiot band mates wont know what to play.

or $100 (obo obvs)
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I have an original chrome Red Witch Moon Phaser. It comes with the box and instructions. It is in excellent condition.

$150 Paypalled and shipped.


I have an original white Empress Super delay. It also comes with the box, power supply and instructions. It is in great condition, barely used.

$250 Paypalled and shipped.


I have an original Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter in the black/grey color scheme. It has been used and shows a little wear, but nothing major. It comes with the box as well.

$130 Paypalled and shipped.


As far as trades go, I'm interested in other delays and modulation. I would also be interested in a decent dirt pedal, something in a small box.

Keeley Phaser
Mr Black Tunnelworm
Empress Phaser/Tremolo
Subdecay Echobox
MXR Carbon Copy

Try me...




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-- The EHX Freeze pedal has had a very cool mod done, which actually makes the pedal useful and musical in a live setting. There is a sustain pedal linked into the stomp switch which will allow you to quickly and easily go in and out of the latch mode on the fly. This makes the pedal useable while standing up with a guitar and useful in the midst of songs and allows for a range of musical possibilities. Frankly, the pedal should have been designed with this kind of switch. It also has a MXR style knob with the rubber ring to allow to adjustment of the volume control on the fly. It's an awesome pedal, and I don't believe you will find another for sale with such mods. It comes with the power supply, Yamaha sustain pedal, and the MXR knob (the original knob is gone): $100 shipped to the lower 48 of the USA (paypal gift option only).

-- Next is a Noisemaker Effects Noise Invaders fuzz. Great velcro style fuzz, boutique quality, $50 shipped to the lower 48 of the USA (paypal gift option only).

-- Lastly, a Boss TR-2 tremolo pedal. Works great, sounds great. $50 shipped to the lower 48 of the USA (paypal gift option only).




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Catalinbread Silver Kiss Mk2 - $140 - Voxy overdrive, clean boost, and 3 band EQ all rolled into one, includes box and signed instruction sheet
Roger Mayer Octavia - $160 - Rocket Ship jimi
Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport - $150 - rare version 1 analog delay with modulation
Black Cat OD-Fuzz - $120 - raunchy op amp overdrive and silicon Fuzz Face in one, includes box and velvet bag
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone - $50 - 2 mode chorus pedal
Electro-Harmonix Tube Wiggler - $110 - tube tremolo/vibrato, like new with box and power supply
DOD Vibrothang - $80 - like new, discontinued phaser/tremolo/vibe pedal

All prices negotiable.

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