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Are There Any More Sales / Discounts Happening At The Moment?

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I suffered in music retail for a year and learned there's always some sort of deal to be found. Not greedy crap...I had to deal with guys offering me $500 "cash" for an Fender American Strat going for $999 (great way to get myself fired and get the store dropped by the manufacturer) or guys trying to get me to price match some sort of junker website reselling refurbished garbage with no warranty (can't match that with NEW product). Or guys not reading MI's fine print about all those discounts, which pretty much exclude every major manufacturer, and they still expect me to give them the discount MI won't even honor.


But if you can find the best price from an authorized dealer you can usually bring that to the table of whoever you're dealing with. I have a guy come in for NI's Maschine, wanting it for $200 off. Told him he was high if he expected that price, then he said MI had dropped it to that earlier in the week...sure enough I confirmed it and he left happy. And if you've got an authorized dealer discounting some inventory that's been sitting it's worth finding out if your local store has the same problem. ;)

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