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The Official "Raise Your Post Count" Thread !

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10 hours ago, Cornholio Farquarth III said:



I own a gizmo similar to this, a "Violet Ray" electro-something thingy. I still worked last time I tried it, although the power cord to the unit is getting cracked and sketchy.

Thanks for sharing your medical fetishes with us, Corny. Years ago, my parents would drag me to "used book fairs" and one of the random items I got was an early 70s catalog of medical supplies and instruments. This was fascinating stuff for a 12 year old! Yes, they had rectal dialators, very similar to the ones pictured earlier in this thread. They had skull saws. And they had a Keigel exerciser thingy, a unit that had a hollow but fluid filled "bulb" that was inserted into a woman va-jay-jay...there was a length of small tubing attached to a pressure gauge. I guess a woman is supposed to use this after childbirth to get her coochy tightened back up? The really great part is the thing had a medical cutaway illustration of the device in use.

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