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NGD: '79 Ibanez Artist 2622

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new vintage guitar day, and my hunt for an old Ibanez Artist is finally over!




She sounds awesome, with those ceramic Super 80 pickups. A rather agressive sound, but very nicely balanced and defined.

The only thing I don't really like is that she's neck-heavy, so I'll have to get used to that. And the pickups could use wax potting.

But what a guitar! Sustain!

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iamthearm wrote:

Awesome guitars. I used to have a lower end artist and it was extremely neck heavy. There's definitely a learning curve to playing with a neck diver.


Using a suede backed strap instead of a nylon one really helps. It tends to keep the strap in place a lot better, increases the friction between the strap and your shirt, and reduces the amount of neck dive.


Still, those guitars, as cool as they are, do have a tendency to neck-dive. Most of them are pretty darned heavy too...


That one in the OP looks really nice - HNVGD!

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El Gallo Negro wrote:

Hot {censored}, man.  I prefer the Ibanez Musicians from that era, but that is really sweet.  Congrats!


I have one of those as well, a '79 MC-400.


I was planning on selling it after I found an Artist, but I'm really not sure if I should :p I'm gonna think about this a bit longer so I don't regret it

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