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Some of you all probably remember a few months ago when I posted that my wife was pregnant. On Tuesday the 20th my little girl was born!


Meet little Eliana Joy!


7lbs 9oz

20in long


We are all doing well, and home. Her labor went pretty fast, and I got to deliver her! Definitely one of the coolest things I have ever done.

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You are lucky if she's a good sleeper.

You ain't outta the woods yet though! :)

It's funny, my years working a day job, and then the night life due to being in a band got me used to regularly getting very little sleep. This really came in handy once the first kiddo showed up! My wife thinks I am insane to be able to exist on about half the sleep she gets regularly, but it worked for me. Still does, really.

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ItchyFingers wrote:

You delivered her!?  Are you a doctor / musician?!  That's pretty awesome, man.


Congrats on the new addition!

Not a doctor at all. Guitar Tech by trade. However the midwife pretty much gave me the crash course getting ready for the last pushes. Once she was on her way out, she backed up and said "alright, you've got her now!" One of the nurses took a super cool (albeit too graphic for HCFX) with me bringing her out and handing her off to my wife. My wifes hands and mine are the only ones holding her.


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