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Pigtronix Infinity Looper


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Pigtronix is proud to announce a major new, free firmware update for the Infinity Looper pedal.


To install the update, run the firmware update function from the Infinity Looper Application or grab it from here:




New features included in this update are:


Reverse Playback

Rec --> Overdub --> Play

Trails and Fade STOP override

Instant Clear

Series mode overdub commit

Click Killer option 


Here are the details 


1) Reverse mode. It is now possible to reverse a loop. Here are a few things to remember:


- REVERSE is triggered by shorting the RING to the SLEEVE of the UNDO jack. This is accomplished by connecting any two-button, momentary footswitch (such as the BOSS FS-6) to the UNDO jack with a TRS cable. Pigtronix will be manufacturing a dedicated Infinity Remote switch pedal soon.


- Pressing the REVERSE button means that REVERSE playback will be started at the beginning of the next loop cycle. Pressing REVERSE also works during the initial record of a loop.


- Once you are in REVERSE playback, pressing the REVERSE button means that playback will go forwards at the beginning of the next loop cycle.


- Once you are in REVERSE playback, you can use the UNDO switch to flip flop back and forth between forwards and reverse versions of the same layer instantly


- Hitting REVERSE and then UNDO before the end of the loop cycle will cancel the REVERSE command.


2) Rec --> Overdub --> Play


- In response to numerous customer requests, we have implemented a feature that allows you to go directly from recording the base layer, straight into overdub mode. Once you have started the base layer recording, simply press the UNDO switch to close your initial loop and go straight into playback with overdub active. Press the appropriate Loop footswitch as you normally would to close the overdub when desired and begin regular playback.


3) Trails and Fade STOP override:


- It is now possible to override TRAIL and FADE stop modes by double pressing the STOP switch. This lets you simply leave the unit in TRAIL or FADE mode and retain the option to get a full stop by pressing the STOP footswitch twice in a row. Big thanks to Phil Keaggy for this excellent suggestion!


- Bug fix: Closing a loop initial record in FADE or TRAIL mode is now possible using STOP.


4) Instant Clear:


- When one or both loops are stopped, hitting UNDO will trigger an instant erase of the currently armed loop. This lets you simply leave the unit in ALL mode and retain the option to clear individual loops by pressing the UNDO switch after the desired loop has been stopped. Thanks again to Phil Keaggy for this one!


5) Series mode overdub commit:


- Using TRAIL or FADE, in SERIES mode, overdubs are not lost when switching from one loop to another regardless of whether the current overdub layer is open or closed. Thanks to Charlie DeLauro for this one.


6) Click Killer option


- In the Loop Aging menu (press and hold INPUT SPLIT), an option has been added to disable/enable the loop boundary click killer. If it is on, the menu will show "C". If it is off, the menu will show "c". Click Killer defaults to "C" Pressing the encoder while on this option will toggle the loop boundary click killer status. The loop boundary click killer is a super quick crossfade between the beginning and end of a loop. For musicians who want to construct sustained droning loops with overdubs that cross the loop boundary, turning the click killer off with result in "seamless" loops. For more rhythmic and song based performances, we recommend leaving the click killer on.




Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to this massive update. NURF is my hero! 


More updates to come... feel free to contact me via PM or email anytime with feedback about these newly added features and others that you want in the future.

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