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MFX Supermodels for GNX3k if you want em...

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Im sure someone will be upset by this. But oh well, patches can't be patented, Digitech made the models that these are all based on, the GNX3k is so old its practically legacy hardware.


Just bought em, and figured id share the tone. I figure if you want to buy them you will, and if you won't you probably wouldn't have.


I remember what it was like being poor.


Enjoy.You can't really find these anywhere on the net.





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paging robopimp


I never linked up my GNX3 to the computer...


it needs a midi-USB converter I think...


but this is the GNX3000 which is not the same unit, might be compatible tho...


I bet that would be bad ass for tweaking {censored} to do it on the monitor....


and also backing up some of the cool patches I have made.


damn I am lazy.

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