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Suggestions to compliment '74 SF Bassman


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Recently inherited a '74 SF Bassman.  Sounds great with my '05 Deluxe Fat Strat, particularly on the studio channel. My only pedal I own is a Dunlop Crybaby Wah.  I'll be picking up an Epiphone Dot in the near future for some semi-hollow goodness.  I like to play anything from old blues to new rock -- everything short of metal shredding.  I do not gig; this is purely for recreation.

I'm very new to tube and/or vintage amps and would greatly appreciate suggestions to compliment this setup.  In particular, this amp lacks (1) a reverb tank and (2) it will not start to break up until the 4x10 speakers can be heard 3 counties over, even on my fat Strat's humbucker bridge.

I've done a ton of reading and watched many YouTube demos.  Budget is limited.  With that in mind, I'm thinking about starting out with a Holy Grail for reverb and an MX Micro Amp to push the tubes into some grit without blowing out my windows.  Perhaps on to a Fulltone OCD and an MXR carbon copy after that.

Anyone have any first-hand experience with matching pedals to this amp in particular?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!



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