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Official IKEA/GORM Pedalboard Appreciation Thread

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Quote Originally Posted by LowWoods View Post
Do you think a shot of clear coat would keep it from getting beat up?
Possibly.. I was using these double-sided sticky pad things to adhear the pedals, so when I switched pedals, it ripped some of the paper off.

I'd imagine a clear coat would help protect it, or a few coats at least.

I need to redo the checkers and get some velcro to put on afterwards so it'll make swapping pedals easier.
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Quote Originally Posted by Northstar View Post
It's funny...

I went to Ikea today to buy a bunch of Gorm modules for storage in the basement. I come home and here's a thread about Gorm parts on HC...

nah... last weekend about a dozen of use went out and bought them... we've had a week and 2 days off to gussy them up... sunday was the right time/place to make it happen.

but if you'd like... yes... fate, even.
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Quote Originally Posted by iamdenialNJ View Post
oh yeah that make sense huhfacepalm.gif

the site only has one size that's why i was confused.gif

making a trip to ikea in the following days biggrin.gif
You can check the availability of the different sizes on their website. click on the gorm shelf, then it will give you size options (at it does in Australia).
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