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Madbean Karate Shop, clone of the Systech Harmonic Energizer. This thing is really cool. Full on low throttle all the way to cocked wah. Very versatile and sounds great with OD, distortion and fuzz. Controls are bandwidth, frequency, gain and volume.



Godlyke makes a comparable clone and this video explains the pedal and contains a demo.

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crosspost into this thread which has already given me so much advice in the past:


long story short, i have a Retrosonic Chorus and would like to make it so that the rate in the vibrato mode can go slower than stock.


if the circuit is pretty much the same as a CE-1, here it is:



looks like there is a 100k potentiometer that controls the rate, with a 220k resistor bridging it. if i were to simply increase the pot to say a 500k, that would increase the max rate, correct? 


which is the opposite of what i'm trying to do. So would i need to replace the 220k resistor with say a 100k one to lower the slowest rate?


any help would be much appreciated.

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Latest PCB's from the past few days:

Switching PCB using a PICAXE20X2 to control 2 CD4066 chips for signal switching and then a JFET corral for LED's, which are placed under the momentary switches to light up when they are pushed! Voltage control wiring is a bitch.



Staying with the switching theme: a bypass board for a 125B enclosure. Encludes switch, power, in/out, LED and limiting resistor. I was toying about going with more electronic switching, or relays, but there are so many problems that crop up with that, I decided to stick with the basics.



A fuzz kind of like a Maestro with board mounted pots and all the resistors and caps lined up in a nice little row. Also put on a balance/blend control instead of volume and a tone control. As much as I wasn't too keen on how FZ1's sounded, this is pretty cool.



Polychorus retrofit with MN3007's instead of SAD1024's. PCB is done but the circuit itself is still.. a work in progress.


Coming up next, an optical harmonic tremolo that MidwayFair made on DIYStompboxes with added tap tempo, a bass preamp for recording, Ibanez Standard Fuzz, the rest of the digital binson, and an analog delay? I also have a DLS, WIIO, RAH, Fo.5 and their vox circuit.. thinking about doing some kind of multi-amp effect for recording or through an amp.

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So a quick question about the switching I had mentioned before. I don't do a lot of logic stuff, so this may seem dumb, but I'm wondering if it's better to send the control signal over longer distances or the audio signal?

What's happening in the circuit is that 8 momentary swiches are sending 5v signals to input pins on the 20X2. The 20X2 then sends a constant 5V control signal to one of 8 SPST switches in two 4066's to open or close it. What I'm asking is would it be better to put the 4066's on the audio PCB and have the control voltages running from the switching board, or have the 4066's on the switching board and have 16 wires bringing and sending signal? I'm guessing it's better to have the control voltages being send to the 4066's so that the audio doesn't have to travel all about on wires, but I could be wrong.



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