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So my uncle surprised me with this little gem at the family Thanksgiving gathering Thursday. He found it at a pawn shop for $20 and was going to fix it up and flip it, but decided to pass it my way instead. It's a Teisco-made Decca with a comically small body, very fat mahogany neck, and a single gold foil pickup in that wonderful sweet spot between the neck and middle position. I'm loving it so far. It's a 24.75 inch scale with decent sized frets and a pretty flat radius. Not quite Danelectro flat, but it's close. The pickup sounds awesome. Kind of marries my favorite tonal qualities of lipstick pickups with P90s and throws in a healthy dose of microphonic trashy-ness. I still need to do a bit of work on the nut, the frets, and the electronics, but it's playing alright at the moment. I'll try to get some sort of demo recorded once I get everything sorted out.




And a size comparison next to my Les Paul


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