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HCEF Cheap Trades Thread

Phil O'Keefe

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Clearing out some unused pedal parts/projects. These are all predrilled professionally and would be great for someone starting up building pedals or looking to get some cheap enclosures.


1290ns with a green swirl by me,white powdercoated base coat, and drilled for 2 knobs by PPP


EHX LPB-1 Enclosure, will include brand new square pcb mounted DC jack


BYOC Enclosure drilled for 3 knobs.


BYOC Enclosure powdercoated in Root Beer Sparkle (looks awesome in person) and drilled for the BYOC Ping Pong Delay circuit.



BYOC Trem - currently not working but I'm sure it's an easy fix, not sure who made it or when or anything like that.

Here are some old unused enclosures/projects that have minor flaws from my early pedal making days icon_lol.gif :


PPP Blue Sparkle 1290 with a SHO layout and custom paint job by me. It will need clearcoat and the input jacks are slightly off but can be fixed by enlarging the holes a bit.


PPP Yellow 1290 drilled for 3 knobs. The holes are drilled slightly off and the pot on the right may need to be 9mm to fit.

This is what I'm looking for in trade (though I will list prices soon as well) :

-Boss DS-1
-Boss SD-1
-Boss BD-2
-Ibanez TS9
-Proco Rat
-EHX Big Muff
-Dano Chicken Salad
-Dano Tuna Melt

More to come....

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Hey all-- I'm looking for a cheap guitar neck and loaded pickguard-- it can be absolute crap that you have laying around. I have a couple little things that I can trade or if you could find it in your heart to just get rid of them by sending them my way I'd appreciate that greatly... I'd pay for shipping.

I'm working on building a electric guitar out of clay as my final project for my ceramics class. Any help would be appreciated whether it's materials or advice- please PM me!

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I have a malfunctioning digitech bp200 that no longer processes signal, just poops out a throbbing bass sound. so if any one has the need for a noise instrument, or can fix it, I'm looking for half a p bass pickup, or make an offer.

EDIT: it works! If anyone has a cheap p-bass pick up or a cheap compressor, this pedal can be yours. or if you cover shipping. whatevs.

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aren't we coming up on the first quarter of the next fiscal year?

GFS single mag ceramic strat set
Squier single mag ceramic tele neck pickup
Fender USA Noiseless strat bridge pickup (with slightly worn cream cover)
Two MIM strat pickups, neck and middle
LPB-1 clone
stocker 12" 8ohm Eminence special design from Blues Jr.

looking for:
Ok, I want a Joyo Ultimate Drive. Happy?
tele pickup sets / tele bridge (dual or top load)
cheap delay, reverb, or gate
decent mic stand

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