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HCEF Cheap Trades Thread

Phil O'Keefe

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As requested, here's the updated CTT. wave.gif

The previous one can be found here.


The idea here is to trade (not make money) cheap things we have but don't use, and therefore not worth selling but others may want. Everything should be under $50. This is only a guideline, though. In keeping it cheap, price differences won't matter.

This is a CHEAP trade thread, NOT a SPAM thread. The spam threads are stickied at the top of the forum.

Some guidelines:
You post what you have, including photos if available. You can also say what you want in return. PM the people you want to trade with. You each pay for shipping. We will use the honor and honesty system. No dead beats please! Keep this guitar related. Thanks and have fun! smile.gif

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I'll post a full list a little later but here's a quick rundown of what I've got :

-4 or 5 pedal enclosures with drilled holes that are slightly off
-Kepur Guitar Strap with climbing hooks
-BYOC Tubescreamer PCB
-Mogami/Planetwaves/Dimarzio/Hosa cables of different lengths

What I'm looking for :

-Wah Pedals (working or non working)
-Moddable Boss Pedals (SD-1/DS-1/BD-2/etc)

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here is a whole bunch of cool ass accessories for trade-
I have GHS Custom guage Fender bass VI strings - 25
AKG K-220 M Headphones - 25
Hot Potz 2 100K Crybaby Wah replacement pot - new $15
Hipshot EB4 bass detuner - Fits Grover Titan machines, some Gibson and early Peavey bass models - $60
Vintage Black Diamond 3" wide guitar strap - $25
Franklin Straps cotton strap with suede leather - $15
Vintage ACE stained glass strap just like the one Hendrix used. One leather side is torn but seems usable/salvageable - $30
Right side
Kyser gold capo
Fender MIM bass bridge - $17
Stevens lap steel slide - $12
Fat finger for bass - $20
Fat finger for guitar - $20
Seymour Duncan 1/4 lb P-bass pickup - $55
2 pedal couplers. One gold, one silver - 6
Original Fender 1974/1975 pickup and bridge covers - $125 per set
Fender Jazz bass vintage style bridge cover - $20Fender 5 way switch -$7
3 tremolo springs - $4
Tele inset jack plate - (keeping)
6 WD 500K pots - $7 each
Digitech adaptors. both 9v, one is 300 ma and the other is 1300 ma - $10 each

Let me know what you have to trade for any of this.

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Looking for:

A cheap reverb pedal with a mix control on it (ala Behringer, Dano, etc)
Schaller strap buttons


a bunch of 6" 90* patch cables
a RoadRage AB Switch (note: not an ABY, only AB - one or the other)
a white tele pickguard pulled from my Baja
a squier single coil bridge pickup (pulled from my affinity tele)
a pair of lightly used EL34's (or 6L6's, I've forgotten)

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I have tons of power supplies....mostly Boss ones. I'll post a pic and full details soon. In the meantime PM me if you're interested in one or would like to know if I have a specific one and you have any of the following to trade :

-Cheap moddable pedals (DS-1/SD-1/BD-2/GE7/Etc.)
-Any of the Dano Cool Cat Series Pedals (would really like another TOD/Fuzz/Drive)
-Pedal Parts or enclosures (I prefer 1290's)

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-bunch of Boss-style power supplies
-various colored LED covers/jewels...red and blue mainly
-Smokey cigarette box guitar amp. It's in a Kool pack of methols right now that is tore up...can be put in another box of your choice fairly easily. Amp works fine...cigarette pack is just {censored}ty.
-24 pack of rack screws, unopened.
-bunch of squier neck plates
-guitar knobs: white
-amp knobs x7: black circular with white line

Looking for:
-Boss DS-1
-cheap fuzz or distortion pedal
-gig bags (acoustic bass or tele)

PM if interested in anything biggrin.gif

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ive got the following tubes (1x each unless notated otherwise):

2x jj high gain 12ax7
groove tubes 12ax7
ehx 12ax7
tung sol 12ax7
sovtek 12ax7a and b
3x non-branded chinese 12ax7
2x non-branded chinese el84
2x sovtek 6v6
every one of these has less then 15 mins on them.

ive also got a set of tuners and saddles off my mexi tele, theres nothing wrong with either, just pimped my {censored} out one time recently.

humbucker covers chrome and gold- atleast 2 of each

make whatever trade offer youd like.

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