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Amp advice needed


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Hi all.


Having got caught up by some friends into joining a band, I recently picked up my electric guitar again after a 5 year break. However, having sold my old Marshall 8080 some years ago, I'm looking at getting another. I need something which can be used as a giggable amp, preferably around the 80+ watt range.


I'm really not up to date on what's available at the moment. I quite liked my old Marshall, but at the same time I really liked an old Peavey I had too.


It's mostly rhythm guitar stuff, but I need to be able to get a decent clean channel for my two electro acoustics. we do a lot of Pink Flloydy type stuff, along with a bit of more Pixies and grungy material, so I also need a reliable overdrive sound.


I've been looking at the Marshall AVT 150 / 275's so far, and I've got about

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Since you have been looking at Valvestate amps, you might want to look at the Vox Valvetronix line of amps, specifically, the 2x60 watt head, or 2x12 combo version.
It can do your acoustic guitars and electric guitars and has all the necessary effects built into the amp for convenience in hauling.
The amp has a power switch on the back for lowering the wattage, can be used in mono or stereo and should be able to cover the music you play without any trouble.
Also look at the VC12 foot controller as this will give you everyting you need in one package, make setup and breakdown simple, fast and efficient.
I have one and have it set up on the VC12 for only four tone settings: Fender Twin clean, Vox AC30TB with just a slight bit of dirt, Vox AC30 TB with a lot of dirt, and JCM45 set to be almost wide open for ultra soloing. These settings all incorporate any effects I need, which can be shut off individually on the VC12 or left in a patch mode.

I play many styles of music, and all I need to cover everything are these four basic settings. The amp is very organic sounding and tube-like in it's tones.

For me, it is the best and most versatile amp I have and can do any style you could possibly want well.

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