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The most underrated Iron Maiden song is...


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Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner RULESSS!!

that lead kicks ass..then aggain, which smith solos don't?

hell, I could go on all day about underrated maiden songs...

Murders in the Rue Morgue
Back in the Village
Pretty much anything offa Killers
Sun and Steel

and to me, everything after seventh son is more or less a waste of recording time..with a few exceptions...

Chains of Misery
Be Quick or Be Dead
Wicker Man

no prayer was OK as an album..it wasn't total crap...

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Originally posted by Dimebag11

Strange World, the one without Bruce Dickinson singing....I don't know why I prefer the one with Paul Di'Anno? is that his name?



Another vote for that one..


I also like Remember Tomorrow...great ballad and also a great remake of it on the Paul Di'anno (D'ianno?) band Killers.


I might also be one of the few people that like some of the Blaze tunes...Sign of the Cross, Futureal spring to mind.

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Originally posted by Megadeth7684

Genghis Khan

That song along with Phantom of The Opera and Transylvania are my top 3 Maiden songs. I actually like Maiden's first two albums the best, but they're all very good...except the Blaze Bailey albums and No Prayer For The Dying.

Oh man this takes me back. I have both of those on vinyl :eek:

'Cause I'm a WRATH CHILD m/:mad:

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