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Behold, my new dual rectifier


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I drove 250 miles round trip to get it...800 dollars for a brand new dual rectifier triple channel solo head and 75 dollars for a Marshall 1960 jcm900 lead cabinet. Pretty sweet deal I think.


The only thing I noticed about this amp....there's no spring reverb??


Other than that, it sounds pretty sweet. But yeah, everyone was right, it really needs to be loud for you to be able to hear what's going on.


What I realized what I needed was actually the three channel option. This was totally what I needed from my amp which I was having trouble coming to grips with my F-100. It's not so much a sound issue as the versatility that really sold me. Being able to 'push' the clean channel too without the use of a tube screamer type pedal is also really awesome. I think I'm going to miss my F-100 too much (I have to sell it though to make ends meet)...so I might buy an F-50 combo later on down the road.


If anyone wants my Mesa F-100 head, I'm offering it for 700 dollars + shipping. It's in excellent condition, few months old, got all the paperwork for it.

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