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Mesa Subway Blues...


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I had one a while back ...the original speaker was harsh when cranked...I put in a celestion vintage 10 and it was better. The amp had some great tone for Blues however I could never get cleans like a fender or crunch like a marshall....it uses two EL84 tubes and for a small combo its LOUD!! I seemed to get a lot of tube rattle when turned up...those EL-84 tubes just wouldnt last in that combo at high volume. Crank it....the buzz you here aint bees and aint the spring retainers it the tube filaments.

At medium and low volume the amp sounds pretty sweet.

I wouldnt buy one again...I never seemed to get exactly the tone I wanted. I now own a small Tweed Deluxe copy, its small ,portable, and gives me much better tone than the Subway Blues ever did.

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