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Gonna Make some Clips of the Traynor YCV50

Mighty Coogna!

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Originally posted by Mighty Coogna!

Tomorrow, or thereabout. Any requests?

It does a good mid-havy distortion, and a decent clean as well. Style, tone etc, let me know what you'd like to hear. Otherwise I'll be making {censored} up.



steve vai - for the love of god

zz top - la grange

hendrix - little wing

hendrix - re house

gary moore - still got the blues

van halen - panama

acdc - hells bells

and a clean type blues

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Any early Van Halen...especially:

Somebody Get Me a Doctor
On Fire
Little Dreamer

I am looking for an EL34 combo in this range that can do killer Van Halen tones and I am curious to hear this. I have heard the Crying in the Rain clip of the Traynor and I am almost sold.

I was about to pull the trigger on a Tech 21 TM-60 when I heard that damn clip...now I don't know if I can live without tubes. Been so long since I had a tube amp....


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