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Retubing the Tranor YCV50 - Tube guys?

Mighty Coogna!

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I like the tone I'm getting, but I noticed that the power tubes it shipped with don't match (the labeling). So I Figure if I'm looking to get a matched set, then why not seek the best set...


So the tone I'm getting is good, the pre-amp distortion is a little harsh, needs more sizzle and less snap maybe. The mids are a little edgy, and the bass is flubby when it's cranked.


I seem to have gain to spare. Nice break-up at louder volumes, though it gets a tad compressed and the bass woofish with the high end sounding still a bit harsh.



Suggestions? EL34/12AX7's


I don't want to tame the distortion too much, just get a little more dynamic range out of it.

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