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My recent engagment holiday influenced SONG!


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As you may know I just got engaged on monday night, I couldnt help but think how my future holidays would be now that I am going to be getting married next October. So with the holidays just around the corner I was inspired to right a christmas song.

I only have two versus right now, and I will add some guitar tracks to it as soon as I get my mic pre amp back. So any help with any additional versus would be greatly appreciated.


Title: Walking on a Frozen Waterland

Author: BOOGIE666


later on we will conspire

to through your mom in the fire

we will sink her remains thirty feet deep

with cemet weights at her feet

Walking on a frozen waterland


with thirty years of de-com-position

you know we are on a mission

we will our secret safe

so get the hell out of our way

Walking on a frozen waterland

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i'll add a few verses:

as the snow piles higher
I begin to conspire
to chop your damn head off
and light it on fire

drag your body to the river
the wind sends a shiver
through your dead body
which soon will be rotting

it's that time of the season
for murder and treason
slicing and dicing,
cookies and icing

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