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Horrible Transaction With Dimebag11!! What A Jerk!!


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JUST KIDDIN. If I put something positive as the title I know no one would have looked at the thread, because all you guys are about slingin {censored} and gossip :D .


but seriously, nicest guy ever, he even held the cab for me while I raised up the money.


Grade A guy, superb packaging of the cab and excellent communication through the whole transaction, fun guy just to have a regular ol conversation with as well.


and because of he's generosity... I now have this:





:D The low end rattles my insides. It's so ridculous.

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Originally posted by Megadeth7684

Good deal! That picture scares me though, with the wheels still on that top cab!
And how do you reach your 5150...a ladder?


VHT cabs have the caster holders on top of the straight cabs so you can leave the casters on, something alot of companies leave off these days which i think they're very very handy


and the 5150 is high... but not THAT high hahaha, i can still reach the settings and im only 5'8.

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