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Fender Blues Junior (tube) problems! help?


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issue: making a half white noise/half motorboat....type of noise...its pretty quiet though....hidden behind playing. it does not increase when the amp volume/master vol increases. its sporadic too. seems to almost go in bursts, lasting 2 seconds to a minute.


- i have tried changing the original GT pre-amp tubes.

didn't solve anything.

- i have not tried the power tubes.

seems to be a preamp issue.


The pre-amp slot next to the el84s seems to be the culprit.


i tried 'tapping' it with a nail file. when i held it against the tube....the noise disappeared.



whats going on?

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Originally posted by gregovertone

something interesting.....

i was listening to it again today....

it seems that if i move my hand near the tubes-- the noise goes away......

i dont have to touch anything, just be about a 1/2 inch away.

{censored}ing weird.




Why aren't you sending it back for warrantee work?

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