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A Symphony Tribute To Queen....

Randy Van Sykes

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I've mentioned before that I gig once in a while with a tribute to Queen called "A Kind Of Magic"....it's with drums, bass, keys, guitar and a lead vocalist, but also includes a 50+ piece symphony and a 50+ piece choir...it's a great show if you're a Queen fan.

Every show we've played so far has sold out and received a standing ovation encore at the end...it's so much fun to play in a show like this, as I'm a huge Queen fan... :)


I just heard about a few dates (listed below)...there'll more dates to come if any of you would like to check it out. :)



November 25-26, 2005



booked but I don't have the details yet...



booked but I don't have the details yet...



April 29, 2006

8:00 p.m.


Commemorative Air Force Hangar


Here's an mp3 ad for the Texas show....that's a clip from our Calgary show, with the Calagary symphony playing with us...at the very end you can hear guitar just as the clip is ending....:D


Texas Queen Ad

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Originally posted by Digital Jams

Are you sitting in again???

Your tone at the end was massive!!!!!

I'm playing all the shows (or at least most of them), although I offered the gig to a few other guitarists cause I'm kinda busy with a new band, but they wanted me to do all the upcoming shows...it's a really fun gig so I don't mind...

The previous shows went over extremely well, so I didn't understand why there weren't alot of bookings for it this year. :confused: ...looks like there's alot of gigs coming up now for it though. :)


If we play NY or Jersey area I'll let you guys know...be a blast to meet up with you guys. :)

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