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Randall RH50T head or RG50TC combo--Anyone beside myself on HCAF own one of these?


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Man...I have had my RH50T head for going on 2 months or so, and this is a friggin' fantastic amp!


Why doesn't Randall advertise these all valve amps?


They are a bit more expensive then the Peavey Valve King series...I paid $488 from American Musical Supply for my RH50T.


I would compare the sounds out of this amp to a higher gain version of a JCM800. It's got a kick ass mid range to it which is fantastic for lead / solo style of playing, and absolutely LOVES a nice OD pedal (e.g. Bad Monkey or TS9).


Unfortunately, I don't think this amp is going to make it in the market place, as I never see any advertisements in Guitar mags (unlike Randall's MTS series)...whereas you see an add for Peavey's Valve King or Penta in everything. Heck, they probably put in add in Good Housekeeping :D


Just an observation...wondering how many of you all were aware of the existence of this fine amp, which represents (IMHO) incredible Bang for your Buck.

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I bought one :)

I took my fender deluxe 112 plus in, it was a one trick pony, amazing cleans and reverb almost as good as a fender tube, but the distortion was "teh suck".

Tried the randall out with some humbucking guitars plus a G&L asat tele and strat as well, this amp loves single coils!


I have a yamaha 121S right now, getting an MIM tele soon.

I had an issue when I first bought the amp, it had this annoying rattle at a certain frequency. i sent it back, they sent it to their amp tech, we tightened everything down, checking everything out, and it seemed to stop, we even replaced all the tubes in case one had gone bad.

still did it, but on a different note played on the guitar loud or soft volume.

finally tracked it down to a loose spring in the reverb tank :(

anyways it wasnt that hard to fix, and its been a great amp since, and nobody who has bought one before or since has had a bit of trouble.

i like the external bias feature, because id like to change to 6L6 power tubes in the future for more clean headroom for a more fender tone.

if you turn the main volume up and clean channel level down you can get more head room though.

distortion has perfect bon jovi tone im looking for, and the boost on the clean is great for blues.

all in all for the price new with a decent warranty i cant find any good competitors

the traynor i tried out was ok, but not built as tough and no master volume knob

for the features, huge hefty foot switch and master volume knob built in, great little tube amp.


every time i see/hear the word randall I think some metal {censored} amp, but i gave it a try and im very glad i did, i like it more each day.

some don't like it as much for clean as a fender, or as heavy distortion as a mesa or 5150 or something...

this amp doesn't do anything perfect, but it does a lot of things very well for a good price right out of the box :)

that's my 2 or 3 cents worth.

you guys are right, i wish they did more advertising on it, nice amp.



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