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So I found an amp last night...


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Hey everyone-


Ok, so this is gonna sound odd... I'm walkin' to my car last night, through my alley, and I look over near some garbage cans and see a Crate g120c combo amp. It was just sitting there. Pretty dusty and obviously well used but intact.

I figure what the hell, so I grabbed it. Got it home and it seems to work perfectly! The only thing I can figure is that someone was cleaning a storage space or something and found it. Maybe they tried it, but since the speaker on/off switch was off they could get no sound...The only thing that I noticed might be amiss was that if I leave the speakers on when I turn it on or off they pop a bit. Gets volume just fine. The distortion isn;t my cup of tea, but I haven;t had it cranked yet.

Anyway if anyone has had experience with these I would love some information on it. Any quirks or things I should know about? Mainly the pops are what concerns me.

Merry Christmas to me hehe

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