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I need a new cab/or amp??


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Ok, I just bought a guitar, a Fender MIM Strat,

It will be here This Wednesday.

( i'll start a thread with pics then.)


THis is the deal.


I have a Fender STage 100 DSP, Its rated

at 130watts RMS, my speaker is 100watts,

and it clips at like 2.5 on the clean channel,

5-7 on the distortion channel.,


Past level 3 it sorta sucks.


It has an extension speaker out, should

i get a cheap 412 behringer cab for it, or get

a tube amp??


i'm in a band and we are starting to get bigger,

and more gigs, and i would sorta like a 412

but should i save and get a Mesa or Marshall

head, and a good 412, or get the cheap

behringer 412 to use with my Fender amp?


If so, Marshall, or Mesa.....


By the way i play Anything from Jazz to Metal.


Mainly just regular rock though.....metal, country,

and jazz on the side.


Thanks for any help





or should i get a cheap cab and a

good head, like a

cheap cab for now then get a

good head, or vice versa.

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If you only have one amp, I wouldn't recommend a half stack. 412's get really tiresome to lug around. When I was starting out I had a peavey SS halfstack. The problem was I couldn't move it around by myself.


anyway I would start with a head and a 212 cab. Then check out some 412's and see if you want to haul them around. I have 112's, 212's and a 412 depending on the gig.


I would check out a marshall DSL50 head and an avatar 212 cab.

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Originally posted by guitaristbum

I paid $350 for the Fender....I have $70 now, but i mow lawns and stuff, so probally a budget around $750 (for a year of saving)

But i would rather wait for the extra _____ months to get a good tube stack or amp.



if at all possible i would say go with that...first thing i would do is look into a quality cab to run that combo into (you already have to upgrade amps it seems, don't get stuck having to upgrade cabs later if you can help it) if you're patient, you could probably find a used marshall 1960 cab (4x12) for $3-400


from that point you'll be in a better boat than you are currently, and have plenty of time to shop around for the right head...on a budget i might suggest a marshall 8100 head, they run $150-250 used...a peavey ultra plus, for $300-400 used...or even a mesa .cal series head, for around $400-500 used

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