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5150/6505 Amp Settings


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What tubes you guys got in?


I just bought the new 6505+, sold my 5150 a while ago... was causing me to many trips to my technician. Figured id go with a brand new factory amp considering i was the foruth generation owner of my 5150.


suprisingly, the new 6505's are stock with Ruby's. They sound decent, definatley not my tube of choice. Once i get some money rounded up, im either putting in JJ's or Sylvanias.

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Originally posted by Megadeth7684

Lead channel - high gain input

Pregain - 5

Low - 5

Mid - 4

High - 6

Resonance - 5

Presence - 6

That's with my Explorer tuned down to B for playing melodic death metal.



Those are my settings. except I sometimes run the gain at 6. You have good 5150 ears my man.

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low gain input, lead channel


lead pre-4.5





lead post-2




also have a maxon 808 in front, and a mxr 10 band eq in the loop. I can get some great black dahlia murder/himsa/the absence tones so far! Still experementing though! You guys check out the a dozen furies cd yet, it rocks my socks off!!

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