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SPAM Randall RM100S... modules


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Switching gears a bit.


I have a spam thread around fishing for trades, but I think I know what I want, so....


Randall RM100S (titanium face version) including footswitch with stock 6L6's .......$850 shipped.


External Bias allows you to put pretty much whatever power tubes you want in the amp.


I also have 3 modules available for with the head:





Add modules for the following priice:


One: $130 (total $980)

Two: $120 each (total $1,090)

Three $110 each ( total $1,180)


All prices shipped.


Paypal preferred.


The amp and modules are mint. I have done lots of deals on the board and am sure everyone who has dealt with me would vouch.



For the time being, I will not sell the modules without the amp. If the amp sells and the modules do not, I MAY sell them seperately.


PM me if interested.




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Originally posted by shred-o-holic

MTS is a hard sell right now.........but I bet once those Lynch modules hit that will change....



Seems like that's always been the case...practically gave away my RM50B and RM100M with all the modules :/


Not too well known it seems

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