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ENGL savage 120 clip

hail and kill

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heres a little pre-production that my band is doing before we got to the studio.



Signal Chain is:


Main Rythm (double tracked panned 60% to left and right):


Tele->DL-4->NS-2->Savage 120 (channel 4)->Mesa oversized


Leads: Same except used EC-1000 with Smooth button pressed


mic'd with a e609 into Digi 002.


To me it sounds like I need more highend. I think thats a mic postion thing as it sounded good in the room. Also I think I need to add more gain to the rythm sound, it doesnt "grind" enough on the palm mutes.


We werent too critical on anything, there are some screw ups, it was just a run through. There is no vocal harmonies and he didnt fix any mistakes. But any help tips before we go to do it for real would be appreciated.


Oh, the solo is not mixed high enough either.







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Originally posted by Robotechnology

I'm not sure if that amp's voicing is the right fit for sound of your band. And that is definitely not a combination, I've heard of... and Engl and a Tele
I think there is more than enough gain (maybe too much IMO). Try tweaking the settings to get a brighter tone.

The brightness is due to the mic'ing Im pretty sure. And as far as and ENGL and a tele thats what LordRiffenstein uses all the time.

About the voicing, maybe........its a little compressed sounding at times. Ive been thinking of getting a splawn QR or an Orange RV100.

That is also one of our lighter songs, the others are heavier ala funeral for a friend, underoath, senses fail. I just think that song is catchy so I put it up. Plus we did the other songs with a PODxt. This is the only one we mic'd up.

What do you think would more fit the sound of my band?

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guitars sound ok, don't need to be rerecorded i think, just put some eq and compression on them in the mix to make them brighter.

but that vocalist sounds like a whining emofag to me, and he can't sing at all, it's a shame cause this song isn't bad.

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Originally posted by tomresurrection

hail, the rhythm guitar sounds to low end for this style. try turning up your mids a little.

the singer yeh, is not to great. to be honest.

the song isnt written bad, music wise. its catchy.



i run my mids at like 2:30 (in the rough mode), thats pretty high I think.




Also, I think the singer is a preference....most people here bash the "emo" style. Personally I enjoy him and Im sure he will sound a million times better with a proper recording/harmonies.

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