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Sooo big, soooo heavy.....


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So the other day I was in the bathroom and......



Ha, ha, ha..... Sorry, I just couldn`t help myself.



Anyway, I finally broke down and ordered the hardshell case for my Jackson Rhoads V. I had read other players posts about how big this case was, but I wasn`t prepared for the reality of it. Jeez, this is a super big case. The guitar doesn`t seem that big. Actually it looks sorta small, but the case is a freakin monster. And not only is it big, the damn thing weighs a ton.


I couldn`t imagine living in a big city and having to take this thing on the subway or bus. You`d probably have to pay an extra fare for the clunky thing.


I guess the good thing is, it seems as sturdy and protective as any SKB case I`ve ever seen. By the way, it actually is made by SKB. The tag was still in the case.



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