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SOT: Sing to me, muse, of a tale of an amplifier caught in limbo.


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Warning: Long, but ultimately hilarious in the "stabbing yourself in the eyes with a fork" kind of way.


Let me tell you all a cute story about shipping and why I will probably never have anything that cannot fit in a mailbox shipped to me EVER AGAIN.


On AUGUST FIFTH, THAT IS AUGUST 05 OF THIS YEAR, I purchased an amp (Mesa Mark III) and cabinet (noname 2x12) off Ebay in a package deal. The transaction went smoothly enough - I sent him a money order, he shipped it out.


I had it shipped to my friend in Las Vegas, who owns a business and therefore could ship me my stuff and avoid most if not all customs fees.


Anyway, the first hiccup was when FedEx said it was delivered sometime mid-August to him, signed for...and the packages weren't on his doorstep. I freaked out a bit but the next day his neighbour told him that some packages for him were left on his porch. Fine, we found them, good.


He ships them out DHL on August 20th or theresabouts. Fine, fine. I wait.


And I wait.


And I wait.


Finally after 2-3 weeks go by we realize there is a problem here. He finally gets a form saying they got stuck in customs. Fine, we call customs, get it out, they say it'll be on my doorstep in "2 days". I wait 2 days, three, four, no amp. Fine. Yay for calling DHL.




So at this point we are considering filing a claim. We are about to do so, when out of {censored}ing NOWHERE, the amp and cab appear one morning on his doorstep.


Except they havent just been to the station and back, oh no. This thing has RAINBOWS of customs stamps and {censored} on it - it's been to 5+ U.S. states, 3 provinces - the {censored} has been on TOUR. Fine, fine, we say, at least we have it back in our possession. So he sends it out FedEx last Monday.


We're on the ball now - checking every step of the way. We call on Thursday, they say all is well. Call Friday - we need to fill out a Commercial Invoice or some {censored}. Fine, he does it, faxes it back.


Today we call again. They have no record of it! Of course not! I mean Jesus, why keep a record! So we dont know what the {censored} is up now, they said they've been paging the driver who picked it up all morning, because now the dude who has the fax in his hand at the Las Vegas FedEx station says the package "doesn't ring a bell". IF YOU HAD THE {censored}ING PACKAGE AND WE NEEDED A FORM FOR IT OF COURSE YOU HAD IT AT ONE POINT. WHAT THE {censored}.


So basically I have stopped being mad or frustrated for awhile now. It is now October 11th, A full two months and a half since I paid for the items.


Cute, ain't it?

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Originally posted by cloudnine

...because now the dude who has the fax in his hand at the Las Vegas FedEx station says the package "doesn't ring a bell".


This is where the story goes from bad to just weird for me. At what point in the shipment of valuable goods do we depend on a package "ringing a bell"? :confused:


God, if I wasn't scared to ship before...

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