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Did the mods hose my Marc Greco thread?


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Originally posted by ranalli

They're beyond losers....they're {censored}ing criminals.

Jail isn't too far away for them.....



I don't think it's "them"

From what I know it's just the drummer guy who scammed people.

The vocal chick is just stupid for not knowing the truth and defending the drummer.

I hope the drummer gets what he deserves soon.

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Originally posted by Stratotone

I hear their world tour is sponsored by Subway and Godiva Chocolates.




Hey i live in Nevada,


I have seen these guys play out a couple of times. That picture is really {censored}ed up of the singer man. She doesn't look like that in person and if anything she seems quite nice. Last time i saw the band was at the Cheyenne Saloon and she did nbot look like that.

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