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Just got a Mesa Solo 50, settings???


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Just start with the presence, treble, mid, bass and gain at 12:00 and tweak from there. I liked the orange channel, vintage mode pushed with an OD pedal. It tightens up the bottom end and gives off a nice distortion that isnt harsh.

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Originally posted by BOOGIE666

vintage orange

gain 3:00 to max

bass: 10:00

mids: 12:00

treble: 3:00

pressence: on zero

red modern

gain: maxed

bass: maxed

mids: maxed

treble: 10:00 - 11:00

pressence: 9:00

you need EL-34's



You can't be serious with the gain settings.

I never go more than 2:00 on gain.

And bass maxed on modern mode??

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It depends what sound you going for.

The modern mode emphasize the top and low end while the vintage mode is darker.

I normally have the bass below 12 o'clock in all mode, the gain no higher than 2 o'clock, the mids and presence above 12 o'clock in modern, higher in vintage.
I normally start with the high at zero and turn it up until I start hearing the sizzle.

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