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Classic 30 vs Carvin Vintage Series Nomad


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I want to get a tube amp, and like many others here I really like the Classic 30, but I've been looking at the Carvin site and I like what I see in the Vintage Series Nomad. They have similar features, although the Carvin is 50 watts, and are very close in price. The sound samples of the Nomad sound pretty good. Anyone have any input?




Carvin Vintage Series


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I had the older 33 watt version of the Carvin and I wasn't a big fan.


It had a sterile quality to the tone, almost solid state-ish and the soak function felt very 1 dimensional.


I hope not offend anyone with this, but it's as if a bunch of math nerds put together this amp based on a bunch of cool specs, but they had something of a tin ear.


Since my amp was discontinued, Carvin has replaced the speaker with a 30 watter, so that might help. But the other specs might require extensive mods (new caps, etc.)


Another option for you might be a used Mesa Boogie Subway rocket or blues. Lots of features and good solid tone. My only problem with my subway was that it was REALLY dark sounding with humbuckers, but with a strat, it's a perfect match.


Yours in sound.



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