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OT: Obituary/Samael gig gear report

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If Obituary and Samael happen to pass through a town near you,be sure to check them out,i seen them tonight,it was awesome.


Samael - Swiss electrometal weirdos are unreal live,the sound these guys made just pummelled right through me.

gearwise :


Bassist- Vigier Shark into Ampeg SVT II head/8x10 cab - cool looking modern Ricki type bass,but someone forgot to check the battery and it went dead halfway into their set,roady changed it in a minute.


Guitarist/Vocalist - ESP Viper Deluxe series,emg81's (wine red colour with a flamed maple top) into a rackmount POD > rack mount tuner> straight to the PA,even though it was a POD,it sounded awesome.


Guitarist - ESP M2,emg81's into an array of pedals,then into a Marshall JCM900 50watt head i think,heavy as a really heavy thing sound!!


Synth/Sampler/Drummer (Xy) - all i could make out was a Korg Triton synth


Obituary -

Allen West - ESP M2,emg81's > rat pedal> JCM 900 i think,50watt head,lots of problems with this,the roadys couldnt get a good sound out of it,i think some of the tubes were on their way out.


Trevor Peres - Fender Fat Strat -rat pedal > JCM 900 i think,50watt head,no problems with this one,the sound was awesome.

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