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CLIPS: Speaker Comparision. (Classic Lead 80 vs. G12-T75)

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Originally posted by bverdon

Both clips sounded great...what equipment did you use?

Gibson LP Studio with Duncan Jazz [neck] and Duncan Custom

Mark IV

Avatar 2x12 for CL80's, Marshall 1960a 4x12 for G12-T75

Shure Sm57

Behringer Tube Ultragain 100 Mic Pre

Onboard soundcard


Yeah I like both actually. You know my preference but i could still live with the g12's if i had to.

Thanks for listening :thu:

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Originally posted by Soulcrusher_X

That's what I did, and it sounds fantastic. Fills out the entire sound spectrum, and cuts like a knfe.

Hi mate


Hope you don't mind me askin', I currently have 2 x Classic Lead 80's (Brand New) and 2 x G12T-75's (10yrs old) along with an old RED Bear 4x12" slant cab waiting for them.


Before I go ahead and do this I wondered how you had the set up, two above the others or in a cross formation...?


I also play a lot of blues/classic rock as well as metal and wondered how you find yours suit this type of music?


The head I use is a "Orange Rockerverb 50"....!!!!


Thanks for any points of view in advance.......





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Originally posted by thesplawnster

In my 4X12 I put in 2 CL 80s in the top and a G12T 75 and a V30 in the bottom of the cab and its awsome.

This arrangement you mention you have could be a possibility for me at the moment. How do you find it manages with Classic Rock and Heavier Blues stuff.....???



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