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Recomendations For A Low Cost Audio Interface For A Mobile DJ Setup?

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Hi all,


I need a low cost usb audio interface that will meet


My Needs:

1) Price - Low as possible

2) For Working with Native Instruments Traktor Pro and Kontakt/Massive at the same time

3) That could handle live DJ Sets(no latency etc.)

4) That has an instrument input for a guitar/mic - although maybe I can live without this feature if it will make the price much higher.


My System

Lenovo G570 4334

Edirol PCR-300 Midi Controller



I found this Numark product: DJ|iO" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.numark.com/product/djio]DJ|iO USB DJ Audio Interface | Numark - Cutting-edge professional DJ equipment

I think I can get it for 50-70$ on ebay. that's the product that fits my needs best from what I've found so far but maybe you guys have a better option to suggest :)

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zoobooboozoo wrote:

Anyone has any suggestions? It doesn't have to be branded as "DJ Equipment" I heard some good things about Focusrite Scarlett and PreSonus AudioBox...

I think either one of those would be a good choice. As long as it has MIDI ports it should be sufficient. And they're both USB bus powered, which is perfect for mobility.

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