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Wow, the Megadeth Re-Masters SUCK

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Originally posted by AXEMAN720

yeah the rust in piece remaster is {censored}ing AWFUL. that album is simply not meant to be have a modern mastering job. Louder is NOT always better.

Let me point a fact that few people realize. When something gets as compressed as some of these records coming out today (even some of the recent lable projects i've done) the recording loses its true dynamic. The dynamics of a song are what really get our brain going, and when you compress and squash a mix as much as labels are forcing us to now, it LITERALLY fatigues your ears and your brain. Basically the lack of dynamics causes your brain to become tired (without you even knowing it) and you are more likely to either not listen as hard to the musical experience, or just turn the record off in general. Basically all this compression and awful mastering is making our already short attention spans even shorter. Every once in a while i hear a remaster thats worth a {censored}, but i can tell you right now that the albums from rust in piece on that where remastered are {censored}ing garbage. The originals were great and should have stayed that way.


Agreed, 100%. Squashing the life out of a recording never makes it better. I don't mind turning my stereo up to listen to RIP.

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the remastered countdown is a disgrace, to think that the next generation will hear the album like that is a crying shame. The original mixing and mastering was SUPURB ... it would be like remixing and remastering the black album, there is no friggin' way you could make it better anyway, so why risk making it worse?!

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