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jake e lee tone

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I found this awile ago, but do not recall the website.



"Jake is a Marshall man and has used a variety of (EL34) models over the years. According to jakeelee.com, Jake used a 1977 100 watt head (stock) on Bark at the Moon, and JCM800 2203s live with Ozzy. Other studio choices included an edgy sounding, late 60s 50 watt for rhythms and a mid 60s 100watt used for leads, that was full and fat sounding. A 69 or 70 Marshall metal face 100 watt for the grungier sounds on Voodoo Highway and a 68 marshall 100 watt plexi for the smoother sounds on Voodoo Highway. A mid 80s 1959SLP reissue 100w in orange tolex he used live on tour with Badlands. The matching orange 4x12 cabs were fitted with EV speakers.


To get his sound, Jake always played extremely loud in the studio, and in the same room with the cabs to get sustain. Also key to Jake's 80s and 90s tone was that he used a Boss OD-1 to cut bass frequencies. Jake said: "I run into a Boss Overdrive but the drive is always on 0 because I don't use it for the distortion. I use it for the bass cut

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Hi, I found a JCM800 1959 called 'Jake E Lee'. I saw a potentiometr embbed into one input (the right bottom input out of the four). Could you tell me what is the function of that pot (volume, gain) and isn't that a way of upgrade the 1959 to 2203? Put up some links, please, if possible.




p.s. Inside the head I found a red teble booster attached tightly against a wooden wall


p.p.s. sorry, prolly the pot is a level control of that booster, what do yyou think?

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