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Don't laugh - What amps did Stryper use??

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Now that you're done laughing...... I was listening to my old 80s mp3's right after Poison and Warrent came Stryper and their guitar tone was AMAZING and even sounded huge compared to some of today's tones. Songs like "Soldiers under Command" and "In God We Trust".


What amps did they use? I was guessing JCM800's, but that was also the time of big racks and I know they had eventinde (sp) harmonizers in there rig.



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They used Mesas. As ridiculous as people thought they looked, etc., they were pretty talented musicians.   By the way, they used Jacksons and Charvels too.

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Stryper was one of my favorite bands in the 80's and I'm not affraid to admit it lol :D



As far as their tone goes, It depends on what album you are talking about.


The Yellow and black attack was a Modded marshall with a graphic eq before the amp.


The Soldiers album up until To hell with the Devil was a Mesa boogie MkIIC and a furman PQ3 parametric eq before the amp. The EQ is what gave them their sound. The furman boosted up the gain by +26db. They boosted the mids at a narrow bandwidth, cut some lows and boosted up the highs. The graphic eq on the Boogie was set in a v pattern.



The In God we trust album was a Mesa Quad and a strategy 400 Poweramp modded by Randall smith at boogie for more bottom end and they used the furman Pq3 before the Preamp.



Their last studio album before the breakup ( against the law) Was just the MKIIC straight into a boogie half back cab.


They used EV speakers for all of their albums accept the first one.

The EV loaded boogie cab was rated for 800 watts! (just like zakk wylde although he loaded the ev's in a marshall cab)



I have that old Stryper tone in spades and it is a fun sound to play around with!!

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Originally posted by ChihliDog

Surrender was an incredible tune. I like most of their stuff, and being a Christian myself, I dig the subject matter.

But I just cant bring myself to like Michael Sweet's voice.

Their subject matter to me is....well I am an atheist. But I still like them, and I dont even mind the vocals.

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