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FS: Rare keyboards, synthesizers, Neve console, mics, mallet percussion, and more.

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I am selling all of these rare, studio-worthy pieces:


# Neve 5465 16-ch sidecar console - $14000

# EMS Synthi Sequencer 256 - $4900

# Baldwin electric harpsichord - $2900

# Mustel 4-octave celesta - $4900

# Musser Ampli-Celeste $4900

# Helpinstill Roadmaster 88 electric piano - $2900

# Deagan 3-octave Una-Fon electric glockenspiel - $2900

# Deagan 268 Artist's Special xylophone - $4900

# Schulmerich 3-octave handbells - $5900

# Deagan 144 soprano vibraphone - $2900

# Deagan 1124 Roundtops 3-octave orchestra bells - $1900

# Coles 4040 ribbon microphone - $950

# True Precision 8 microphone preamplifiers (2) - $1750 each


They are all also up on ebay right now, but I would prefer to sell directly to other HC members in order to avoid ebay fees. Feel free to make an offer, but no lowballing please (I consider offering anything less than 60% of what I am asking to be lowballing).

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That shouldn't be allowed on the forum. I almost had an heart attack looking at your auctions. I did bid on one item immediately. Not the one I desired the most though because it was already out of my reach... Damn you, damn you... May you burn in hell !!! LOL :facepalm:

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