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Anyone have a neighbor who is a prick?

shock me

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Back when I was living with my folks, I remember having these really weird neighbours. Not assholes, but definitely not too swift. Their son was a high school dropout who sold weed, and this {censored}er did some of the craziest {censored}. He was stash his dope in the field in back of our house. Honestly, you could've went there, stolen it and sold it. He wasn't all there upstairs either. One time he was broke and ouldn't afford cigarettes, so he took up smoking a pipe. It was {censored}ing hilarious seeing a seventeen year old kid walking around with a pipe in his mouth.

The good thing about this idiot was that me and my neighbours would give him a hard time. I never laughed so hard in my life.

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My neibor is cool we have "who can be the loudest" wars. I always kick his ass :D. He tollerates me I tollerate him it's a good deal. He plays drums I have a half stack. He smokes pot I have parties. It's a good "don't tell on me or I will tell on you" relationship!

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