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Rant: James Labrie is the worst singer I've heard in a musically respectable band


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I was wondering if I was the only one who has a hard time listening to the band solely because of JL vocals.  I am not a vocal expert by any means,  but I know what I like and I do know when the sound is a match for the instrumentals or not.

I do want to like DT since they are so popular in Prog circles, but when one person is too distracting the enjoyment can be shot. 

when I heard peol raving about a band I was not familiar with, other than in name,  I had to see what people were talking g about.   I just did not get it.  I tried and I listened over and over looking for something which would explain the fandom and enjoyment of Dream Theater.  The album graphics are great.  Instrumentals are pretty solid, I could even handle the lyrics,  words are important, but James vocals are something I could not uderstand.   What is the interest in his tone, his high and low over-the-top quivering barely controlled pitch?  To say his vocals is an acquired taste would be an understatement. I reach this conclusion as a first time listener,  someone who knows when the sound is good and when it is not based on how it affects my enjoyment for the first time. But after four times of trying hard to like what I hear,  I just don’t think there is much hope that I will ever change my opinion.  

And it’s that, my opinion. My honest opinion about what I like and what I don’t. 

I feel that if they had another si get who could offer the power and control of a Ronnie James Dio,  the band would have had more chemistry with the output. 

having said all that,  1991 is a long time to have one vocalist, credit is given for the longevity, and as I continue to go through the catalog I am hopeful there will be some shining light somewhere that will make me a fan. But right now the only part of Dream theater which has my interest is the instrumentals and the art work. 

the journey continues.  






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